All the different desserts that I learnt how to make and those that I experiment on

Monday, March 26, 2007


This is a nice smooth dessert you can make at home. It taste like ice cream but you will not need an Ice Cream Maker

1. Bring 500ml milk and some vanilla to boil in a pan
2. Place 5 egg yolks and 105g Sugar in a large basin and whisk to gather. Add the milk in slowly,
continue to mix over a hot water bath until it coats the back of a wooden spoon
3. soak 6 gelatin leafs in cold water, drain and add to mixture, stir until dissolved and strain
4. Place 500ml cream in a basin and whip lightly. Fold into the egg mixture as it reaches setting
point. Pour into lightly oiled almond moulds and place in fridge to set
5. De-mold rhe bavarois and decorate with 200ml crème Chantilly


Soo Fung said...

So, when do I get the chance to taste all these delicious and beautiful desserts?....

steelwool said...

shannon, can i please be your photographer? which means, i'll need a sample of your products =)