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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bombe Alaska

This is quite hard but interesting dish to make.

Firstly buy or make Ice-cream, easier to buy and get any flavor or multiple flavor you like.
Line a small bowl with cling wrap, and leave your 1st choice of ice cream outside to melt a little, I guess it will not be too hard in malaysia for it to melt. then place the ice cream into the bowl, If you are doing 1 flavor then fill it to the top, if not 1/3 or 1/2 then alow to freeze before placing another flavor on top.

Then allow to freeze until ready to use.

Now you will need to get 250g sugar and fill enough water to to cover sugar slightly, and melt until 118 degrees.

While melting the sugar, whisk 5 egg whites until soft peak and add in the sugar syrup slowly pouring and mixing at the same time and continue to whisk until hard peaks form.

Then remove the frozen Ice cream and place unto a desired serving dish that can be placed into the oven. Cover with the Italian meringue either with a spatula or a piping bag.
When the ice cream is covered, place in hot oven until the meringue is slightly brown. another method is to use a blow torch and brown the meringue right off the plate.

Then it is ready to serve. In the picture above I used the Brandy snap as a base and raspberry sauce to color the bottom of my plate.

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