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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sticky Date Pudding

This recipe is dedicated to For Wei Yi.

This is a great recipe to eat with Butter Scotch Sauce(Please use the current recipe for sauce)

1. Chop 1Kg Dates and soak in 1L Hot Water. When Cool add in 8g Bicarbonate Soda
2. Cream 440g Unsalted Butter and 740g Castor Sugar and leave aside
3. Sift together 440g Biscuit Sugar and 440g Self Raising Flour, Add 600ml eggs alternatively
with the flour so the mix does not curdle
4. Bring to boil 1Kg Brown Sugar, 600g Unsalted Butter, 740ml Cream and 12ml Vanilla
5. Mix The Dates, Batter and Flour mixture together and bake at 180oC
6. Half way through the cooking process pour on thee sauce and return to fully bake.

What I did was fully bake the pudding and then pured the Butter scotch sauce over it and ate it hard. I think it is better this way.

Try it and let me know how it went


wei yei said...

Yum, yum.....when r u coming back to bake some for me?

Anonymous said...

Haha that will be a secret, and when i come back you will need to make it for me so that i can asset it.

So better practice hard


wei yei said...