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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Parfait pronounced as par-fay is a dessert like ice cream. Very easy to make and nice to eat.

Firstly get 10 egg yolks and 5 whole eggs and mix together with 400g sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence in a stainless steel bowl.

Using a wire whisk, place the bowl over a pot of boiling water without the water touching the bottom on of the bowl (You would only require the stem and as you need consistent steam it is good to leave the pot over the water) you will need to stir consistently and do not leave the egg to burn. the mixture will start to thicken and mix until you can form a figure 8 (just using the whisk lift it up and right 8 on the mixture and you can see the number 8 before it resolves away. The you will know it is done, or you can lift up th back of a wooden spoon from your mixture and run your finger through the middle, you should be able to see the wooden spoon clearly where your finger went through and the mixture left on both sides of the finger trace mark should stay as it is and not spilling back to the middle.

Now you will need to add in 5g of desolved gelatin and place in the fridge to cool. While cooling whisk egg 10 egg whites until stiff peaks forms.

Fold in the egg whites into the cooled mixture.

when that is done you can put in your own flavor, but i got 5 table spoons of coffee and some rum and desolve it and added into the mixture.

Place the mixture into small bowls or cups, firstly lining the molds with cling wrap so that the frozen parfait will be easy to remove later.

Freeze and wallah ready to be eaten. It will be just like Ice cream.

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