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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is a very delicious biscuit type food and it taste like ice cream cones

1. Mix 100g of Icing sugar, Cake flour and egg white. Then pour in 100g melted butter
2. After mixing a smooth dough, shape to a desired shape and bake at 190oC

You can draw our your desired designs on a cardboard and cut out the inner pert neatly as you will need to use the outside piece as a stencil. Once it starts to get brown on the edges then it is ready to remove from the oven

When it comes out it is still soft and you can shape it to what ever design you desire. If you see below i shaped some petals on the cardboard and spread the batter over it, after baking I shaped it as a petal will look like and doing 2 at a time was a good idea as it cools really quikly then it will be hard and you can't do really much.

I used sugar as the stem of my flower, to make the stem just melt sugar and pull it to a desired shape.

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